Keep it Clean
1. Build a great architectural foundation

Good beginnings are crucial to any project. There's one thing you can't evolve into a software product: the ability to evolve it. Lean Architecture is a treasure of practical advice on how to build a great architecture for any Agile application, building on Trygve Reenskaug's Data, Context and Interaction (DCI) paradigm.

"This book is brilliantly thought provoking. The best I've read in a decade." — Christian Horsdal, Mjølner
"James Coplien offers what I think is the most pragmatic intersection between Agile Methods that tended to resist upfront architecture and traditional waterfall methods that did too much." — David Hall

2. Express it in Clean Ruby

Whorf tells us that that if we can't express it in language, we can't think clearly about it. Jim Gay's exciting new book is the authority on taking the DCI technique into Ruby—one of the best expressive delivery vehicles for DCI code.

3. Clean up your Act

Though you start clean it's important to aggressively keep it clean. Uncle Bob's book starts with a foreword by Jim Coplien that reflects on the interplay between architecture and Agile techniques, and Uncle Bob and his team deliver with practical, rock-solid advice.

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